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The climate of Dominica
Dominica is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea. Dominica is part of the Windward Islands (though sometimes considered the southernmost of the Leeward Islands) of the Lesser Antilles. This autonomous island is not to be confused with the Dominican Republic which is located on the island of Hispaniola. Dominica is a volcanic island, because of this large differences in altitude occur on the island. The highest point on the island is Morne Diablotins. This dormant volcano is situated centrally in the northern part of the island and has an altitude of 1,447 meters. Because of its rugged terrain combined with dense rainforests and many streams and ponds Dominica is very popular among nature lovers. Dominica has a tropical rainforest climate (type Af according to the Köppen climate classification).


Precipitation patterns on Dominica do not differ much from those on the surrounding islands. Dominica has a dry season from January until April and a wet seasons from May until December. However, because of its geographic location and its terrain annual precipitation figures are higher on Dominica than on its neighbors. Along the west coast about 1,800 millimeters of annual precipitation can be recorded. The eastern part of the island is much wetter with about 5,000 millimeters of annual precipitation. On the windward sides of the mountains annual precipitation figures may rise up to 8,000-9,000 millimeters.

Temperatures are high all year round. During the day temperatures rise to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). During the night temperatures drop to about 21-22 degrees Celsius (70-73 degrees Fahrenheit). During the winter temperatures are slightly lower than during the summer. Because of high humidity figures it may feel warmer than it is, especially in the interior. This also applies to the leeward side of the mountains where there is no wind.

Dominica is located centrally in the supply route of tropical storms and hurricanes. This means there is a large risk of these phenomena. In 1979 hurricane David, a force-5 hurricane caused an extreme amount of damage. In 2007 hurricane Dean, a force-1 hurricane also caused damage on the island. Hurricane season is from the end of June till the beginning of December. Dominica doesn’t get hit by a hurricane every year. However, there is always a risk of tropical storms.


Climate figures
The figures below are based on long term weather and climate records. They are an average for the island of Dominica
(Please, bear in mind that local deviations may occur)

temperature (°C)


temperature (°C)
hours of sunshine

average days with precipitation
per month
per month
temperature (°C)
January 29 21 7 18 27
February 29 21 7 14 26
March 30 21 8 14 26
April 30 22 8 14 27
May 31 23 8 17 28
June 31 23 8 19 28
July 31 23 8 21 28
August 31 24 8 21 28
September 31 23 7 20 29
October 31 23 7 19 29
November 30 22 7 19 28
December 29 21 7 19 27
= 0-5 mm ● = 6-30 mm ● = 31-60 mm ● = 61-100 mm ● = 101-200 mm ● = over 200 mm
= 0-2 inches ● = 2-12 inches ● = 12-24 inches ● = 25-40 inches ● = 41-80 inches ● = over 80 inches

More climate information
Climate tables are useful but they don’t give an overall picture of the climate and possible weather conditions during a period of time. How high the chances are of hot or cold weather or hurricanes can often not be found in these tables. This is why we offer extra climate information per month:

chance of
(very) hot


chance of
(very) cool
chance of

chance of
chance of
sunny days


click here for the explanation of the symbols


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