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The climate of London (England)
London is the capital of Great Britain; it has a population of approximately 7.5 million residents and is the largest city in the European Union. London is a real metropolis and is very versatile. The several boroughs all have their own distinctive charm. In the streets surrounding Covent Garden you can find nice little shops. The square is always very lively because of the street artists and buskers. Soho is the best place for going out. Many theatres, pubs, restaurants and trendy bars can be found here. Soho is very trendy; especially the gay scene has become prominent again. If you book a hotel chances are you end up in Bayswater. Bayswater has long rows of Victorian mansions and many hotels. The center of London can be reached very easily by public transport from here. Hyde Park is in the vicinity. If you prefer a multi-cultural experience China Town London is well worth visiting. This truly is a different world; the Chinese food here is excellent. The most important tourist attractions can be found in Westminster (Big Ben, Houses of Parliament) Southwark and Southbank (Tate Modern and the London Eye) and in South Kensington (Harrods). If you prefer the more unorthodox tourist attraction Camden is worth visiting. Many artists settled here. Several markets can be found here with all kinds of art, clothing and other bric--brac. Many trendy shops can be found here. This district is very colorful because of the unique signs on the front of the shops. Travelling through London is best done by tube. This is the fastest and cheapest way of travelling.

London has a moderate sea climate. Extremes in temperatures hardly ever occur. Summers are warm with average temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius during the day and 11 degrees Celsius during the night. The highest temperature on record is 38 degrees Celsius. Winters in London are cold. However, subzero temperatures are uncommon. During spring temperatures start to rise. However, during the night it remains cold. During autumn storms are not uncommon. Rainfall is evenly spread out over the year. About 538 millimeters of rain falls on a yearly basis. Snow is uncommon in London. The warmth radiated by an agglomeration this big causes temperatures to be a few degrees higher making snow uncommon.


Climate information
The figures below are based on long term weather and climate records. They are an average for London

temperature (C)


temperature (C)
hours of sunshine

average days with precipitation
per month
per month
temperature (C)
January 7 2 2 17 n/a
February 7 2 2 13 n/a
March 10 3 4 15 n/a
April 13 5 5 14 n/a
May 17 8 6 13 n/a
June 20 11 7 12 n/a
July 22 13 6 11 n/a
August 22 12 6 12 n/a
September 19 10 5 12 n/a
October 15 8 3 14 n/a
November 10 4 2 16 n/a
December 8 3 1 15 n/a
= 0-5 mm ● = 6-30 mm ● = 31-60 mm ● = 61-100 mm ● = 101-200 mm ● = over 200 mm
= 0-0.2 inches ● = 0.2-1.2 inches ● = 1.2-2.4 inches ● = 2.5-4 inches ● = 4.1-8 inches ● = over 8 inches

More climate information
Climate figures are very useful but dont present a general impression of the climate and the eventual weather circumstances within a certain period. The figures dont always reflect the chance of wintry weather, extreme heat or hurricanes. That is why we offer useful extra climate information for each month of the year:

chance of
(very) hot


chance of
(very) cool
chance of

chance of
chance of
sunny days


click here for the explanation of the symbols

The information at this site was carefully composed from climate data collected by meteorological services, meteorological offices, climate experts and other sources. More climate info is based on statistics, climate data and personal experience. No rights can be derived from this site. Weather has no memory and gives no guaranties. Nothing is as changeable and unpredictable as the weather. The authors of this site feel in no way responsible for any damages caused by misinterpretation or other circumstances that may influence your holiday or trip to a certain destination. We provide information, its up to the reader to use it to its benefit.


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