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The climate of Paris (France)
Paris is the capital of France, the largest town in the country and also one of the most important metropolises. Besides an important economic centre the town is also very popular as a destination for city tours. The Eiffel tower, the quays of the river Seine, the many characteristic small streets and the atmospheric restaurants yearly attract many millions of visitors to the City of Light. Renting a car in Paris gives you complete freedom in transportation. It allows you to explore attractions anywhere around Paris without the difficulties of public transport.
The best time for a city tour is in the months September up to and including June. The temperature is not so high then and and very well suitable to saunter through Paris. In the winter the many museums offer a warm attraction although it never gets really very cold in Paris. Also on warm summer days it is lovely to linger in the large number of parks that Paris is rich in. Or what do you think of a sultry summer night on the stairs of the Sacre Coeur? Who goes to Paris in the spring or the autumn and wants to enjoy dry weather and 18-20 degrees has to be lucky. Then the weather is better than it is here, but the chance of rainy days is rather big then. On wet and grey days Paris suddenly looks far less atmospheric and romantic than on sunny dry days. Who wants ideal pavement circumstances without it being too hot better goes to this beautiful town in June or September. In the winter months it is moderately some degrees warmer than in Holland. Nevertheless also here the chance of snow or a night of frost is very real. With a northern or eastern current also in Paris the temperatures can stay below freezing point in the day-time.


Climate information
The data below is based on registered weather data and applies to Paris:

temperature (įC)


temperature (įC)
hours of sunshine

average days with precipitation
per month
per month
temperature (įC)
January 6 2 2 17 n/a
February 7 2 3 14 n/a
March 11 4 4 16 n/a
April 14 6 6 14 n/a
May 18 9 7 15 n/a
June 21 12 7 9 n/a
July 24 14 8 9 n/a
August 23 14 7 10 n/a
September 20 12 6 12 n/a
October 16 9 4 14 n/a
November 10 5 3 16 n/a
December 7 2 2 16 n/a
= 0-5 mm ● = 6-30 mm ● = 31-60 mm ● = 61-100 mm ● = 101-200 mm ● = over 200 mm
= 0-0.2 inches ● = 0.2-1.2 inches ● = 1.2-2.4 inches ● = 2.5-4 inches ● = 4.1-8 inches ● = over 8 inches

More climate information
Climate figures are very useful but donít present a general impression of the climate and the eventual weather circumstances within a certain period. The figures donít always reflect the chance of wintry weather, extreme heat or hurricanes. That is why we offer useful extra climate information for each month of the year:

chance of
(very) hot


chance of
(very) cool
chance of

chance of
chance of
sunny days


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