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The climate of Romania
Along the coast of the Black Sea Romania has a moderate maritime climate with warm summers and fairly mild winters. The interior has a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. Precipitation falls all year round with a peak in May and June.

Mountain ranges
The presence of mountain ranges causes a distinct difference in weather types and may cause large differences in temperatures and weather within the country. The Black Sea has no influence in the regions west and north of the mountains, this causes higher precipitation figures here than in the eastern part of the country. During the winter temperatures are also lower here than along the sea.


Climate information of places and areas in Romania
The climate information on this page is only brief. Specific information about weather and climate can be found on the climate pages per area or town. As for Romania the following climate information is available:

Cluj Napoca
Southern Carpathians
Transylvanian Alps

Because of the presence of the Black Sea and the mountains extremes in weather are not uncommon in Romania. From November till March heavy snowfall in combination with low temperatures is not uncommon in the mountains and on the higher plains. Things may get very bleak here, especially when the Crivăț blows, which is a fierce and cold northeasterly wind. With wind speeds sometimes exceeding 100 kilometers per hour heavy snowstorms that make it impossible to travel in the mountains are not uncommon. During the summer different extremes in weather may occur in Romania. On the lower plains south of the Carpathians extremely high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) or even higher are not uncommon then. Especially in a city such as Bucharest where there is no cooling influence from the sea things may get unpleasantly warm.

Floods are not uncommon in Romania. Especially from May till July floods may occur. Heavy rainfall, sometimes in combination with melting water from the Alps may cause the Danube River to flood. Sometimes the water moves at a speed of almost 20,000 cubic meters per second making it a very destructive force that may cause casualties and a lot of damage.


Climate figures
The figures below are based on long term data and can be seen as an average for Romania. Local deviations may occur. During the winter it is warmer along the Black Sea and colder in the mountains (Carpathians). On the Transylvanian high plains temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius (-22.0 degrees Fahrenheit). The figures on sea temperatures are only for the Black Sea.

temperature (°C)


temperature (°C)
hours of sunshine

average days with precipitation
per month
per month
temperature (°C)
January 2 -7 2 10 7
February 4 -3 3 10 5
March 9 -1 5 9 6
April 16 6 6 10 10
May 22 11 8 11 15
June 26 15 9 11 20
July 29 17 9 8 23
August 29 17 9 7 24
September 24 12 7 6 21
October 18 8 5 6 17
November 10 2 3 8 13
December 4 -3 2 10 9
= 0-5 mm ● = 6-30 mm ● = 31-60 mm ● = 61-100 mm ● = 101-200 mm ● = over 200 mm
= 0-0.2 inches ● = 0.2-1.2 inches ● = 1.2-2.4 inches ● = 2.5-4 inches ● = 4.1-8 inches ● = over 8 inches

More climate information
Climate tables are useful but they don’t give an overall picture of the climate and possible weather conditions during a period of time. How high the chances are of hot or cold weather or hurricanes can often not be found in these tables. This is why we offer extra climate information per month.

chance of
(very) hot


chance of
(very) cool
chance of

chance of
chance of
sunny days


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